How Does the Bankruptcy Process Work?

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Before filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to know some basics regarding the bankruptcy process. It’s not an easy decision to file for bankruptcy but knowing what to expect, how long it takes, and what it does and does not do, are all important considerations. Before filing for bankruptcy, schedule a visit with a bankruptcy attorney.…

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What do I need to do to Stop Creditor Harassment?

stop creditor harassment - phone on phone looking upset

When you fall behind on your bills, calls from debt collection agencies soon follow. Most people don’t fall behind on their bills voluntarily. Such situations are often due to unforeseeable circumstances such as a death in the family, an accident that prevents you from working, a divorce, or a layoff from work. Calls from debt…

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Three Things to Know about Filing for Bankruptcy

filing for bankruptcy credit cards

When faced with overwhelming debt, bankruptcy might seem like the perfect solution, but every case is different. Before filing for bankruptcy, consult with an attorney for information regarding the bankruptcy process. While numerous aspects of the bankruptcy procedure might influence your case, it’s important to acknowledge three very important pieces involved in filing: what exactly…

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Five Bankruptcy Myths

bankruptcy myths - adding calculator

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t an easy decision, especially if you’re trying to decide whether it’s the best option for you based on your circumstances. Every situation is different. Before making a decision, be informed. A number of prevalent bankruptcy myths are scary, but inaccurate. Understanding the process and knowing the difference between fact and fiction…

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Advantages to filing for bankruptcy: is filing for bankruptcy a good idea?

scrabble tiles - advantages to filing for bankruptcy

In certain circumstances, advantages to filing for bankruptcy more than outweigh alternatives. Every case is different, so if you’re considering debt relief, it’s always a good idea to contact an attorney for bankruptcy advice. Understanding how bankruptcies work, timelines involved, and qualifications are essential. Most people cringe at the thought of bankruptcy, but it’s not…

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