Gas WellThe Claunch Law Firm has taken a special interest in representing homeowners who feel wronged by the conduct of oil and natural gas drilling and production companies working in the Barnett Shale. Many people feel powerless against large gas companies that have chosen to conduct operations in their neighborhood or close to their homes.  In some of the more extreme cases this oil and gas activity has been placed within 500 feet of our clients’ homes. Many property owners feel they have no choice but to live under miserable conditions next the continuous and excessive noise, odor, lights, dust, and activity that comes from drilling sites and compressor stations.  In almost every case, state and local government officials are of little or no help, and oil and natural gas production companies rarely take any significant steps to alleviate the conditions they cause nearby residents to suffer.

To make matters worse, home owners often experience a significant loss in value to their home as a result of the gas activity next door.  Don’t worry, we can help. The Claunch Law Firm is proud to help North Texas homeowners stand up to large oil and gas companies and demand fair compensation for the loss of their ability to peacefully enjoy their homes and for the loss in the market value of their property.