Wills & ProbateMany people have questions about whether they need a formal Last Will and Testament.  The Claunch Law Firm highly recommends that everyone have a will prepared by an attorney. A will is a legal instrument that, when properly written and executed, can expedite the transfer of property upon death and alleviate many problems associated with estate administration, such as the conveyance of title to property and, in some cases, the resolution of debts and other legal matters.  One can find a variety of do-it-yourself software products at any office supply store.  However, preparing your own will with these products can be a serious mistake and is never a substitute for retaining experienced counsel to prepare your will.  Many people believe they have a simple estate and that they don’t need an attorneys’ advice in preparing their will.  But, think about it – if problems arise after you have prepared your will with generic software, will the software company help you solve those problems?  Of course not; only an experienced lawyer can do that.  A will prepared by an experienced attorney after an interview can address unforeseen issues and potential legal problems. Our attorneys would be happy to discuss your concerns regarding your estate and will help you prepare a proper Last Will and Testament that will alleviate your concerns.

Once a family member has passed away it is important to obtain the necessary court documents to efficiently administer the deceased’s estate.  In most cases, this is done by filing the Last Will and Testament for probate.  In most probate matters, an executor will be named who is then given all the necessary Court authority to resolve all outstanding legal issues affecting the Estate. including transfer of title, the resolution of outstanding debts or legal claims. We highly recommend following the formality of the probate process to ensure that surviving family members are not caught by surprise by issues associated with the death of a loved one.